Akku- Schlepper

Having received an award as „remarkable development“ by the AGRITECHNICA, the ‘Akku-Schlepper’ is the number one for pulling silo trailers and milk tank trailers.

With its electronic control unit it is able to accelerate and stop very gently.

Its top speed can be selected by an adjusting wheel both forwards and backwards.
This device has proven itself thousand times with its robustness, its power and its practical technology.

Agritechnik Abzeichnen Akkuschlepper Griff Stollberger

Technical data for the Akku-Schlepper

Battery (Accu): 24V / 25Ah lead-gel-battery ((maintenance free, leak proof, deep cycle).
Charger: Electronic device (no overcharging).
Charging duration: Max. 6 hours.
Power: 750kg at 10% gradient; even more for short intervals.
Axle load: Max. 400kg for safe handling.
Brake Due to the electronic brake, work in steep terrain is childs play.
Parking brake: Mechanical brake by lever
Control: Fully electronic, forwards and backwards variable in speed.
Coupling: As coupling the included thick-walled pipe is to be mounted on the wagon.
Wheel: Robust with 4ply thickness and high profile.
Optional: Larger batteries  2 x 12V/38Ah

Handling information for the Akku-Lastkarren

Easy handling

  • By pressing the drive switch the ‘Akku-Schlepper’ starts gently in the choosen direction.
  • By releasing the drive switch the ‘Akku-Schlepper’ brakes automatically.
  • The driving speed can be adjusted by turning the speed controller – also whilst driving.
  • When driving forward, the vehicle brakes harder if the backward switch is pressed.
  • The ‘Akku-Schlepper’ has a parking brake as well.