Akku- Kabelverleger KV-1

The silent workaholic

No noise pollution, no disturbing exhaust fumes, only efficient working…
This is the ‘KV-1’, the cable installer for robotic lawnmowers.
The depth of cable laying is simply adjustable. With the adjustable handlebar and enough ground clearance the KV-1 is easy to transport.

The KV-1 has received multiple awards and is experiencing great popularity amongst its users.

For sale information please contact
Ing. Papst Motorgeräte
Maggstrasse 17, 8042 Graz
Tel.: +43 316 402601

Technical data of the Akku-Kabelverleger

Battery: 2 x 12V/25Ah lead-gel-battery (maintenance free, leak proof, deep cycle).
Charger: Electronic device (no overcharging).
Charging duration: Max. 6 hours.
Motor: 24V / 750W (1000W max.).
Control: Fully electronic, forwards and backwards variable in speed. The bar is in the height and to the side adjustable.
Performance: approx. 1500m cable installing with one battery charge; all day working   possible.
Weight: 92kg
Additional weight: 20kg
Speed: The vehicle works with stepless adjustable speed. Approx. 60m/min max.
Wheels: Robust with 4ply thickness and high profile.
Laying depth: 50mm max. adjustable.
Dimensions L x W x H = 840 x 630 x 810mm

Handling information for the Akku-Kabelverleger

KV1 Manual:

  • By pressing the drive switch the KV-1 starts gently.
  • By releasing the drive switch the KV-1 brakes automatically.
  • The driving speed can be adjusted by turning the speed controller – also whilst driving.
  • A main switch with key makes parking safe.

  • Cutting wheel and layer plow are easy to change after wear.
  • The lawn is hardly being defaced by the laying work.
  • If there are steps in a garden, the KV-1 is able to climb them.