The ergonomic top device

Due to the load sharing on three wheels, gentle start forwards and backwards and an electronic brake, nothing can come between you and a good working day.

In terms of power the ‘Akku-Lastkarren’ never gives up.

As visible in the video, the tilting is almost effortless.

Our ‘Akku-Lastkarren’ can be equipped with different troughs or body structures and can be used to different applications.


Technical data for the Akku-Lastkarren

Battery (accu): 2 x 12V/25Ah lead-gel-battery (maintenance free, leak proof, deep cycle).
Charger: Electronic device (no overcharging).
Charging duration: Max. 6 hours.
Motor: 24V / 750W (1000W max.)
Control: Fully electronic, forward and backward variable speed. The differential gear allows easy handling in tight spaces.
Power: 300kg at 15% gradient. 180Nm on the wheel.
Axle load: Max. 400kg for safe handling.
Weight: 105kg (80kg without trough).
Speed: The vehicle drives with the stepless adjustable speed uphill and downhill.
Brake: Due to the electronic brake, work in steep terrain is childs play.
Parking brake: Mechanical brake by lever.
Trough: 450 Liter, hard plastic. Also tiltable trough-construction available.
Wheels Robust with 4ply thickness and high profile.
Track width: 89cm
Dimensions solo: L x W x H = 184 x 88 x 43cm ;  handlebar at 97cm
Dimensions trought: L x W x H = 140 x 92 x 49cm ;  450 liter capacity

Handling information for the Akku-Lastkarren

The steerable rear wheel fully relieves the spine.
The ‘Akku-Lastkarren’ is easy to handle

Stollberger Akku-Schlepper Manual
  • By pressing the drive switch the ‘Akku-Lastkarren’ starts gently in the choosen direction.
  • By releasing the drive switch the ‘Akku-Lastkarren’ brakes automatically.
  • When driving forward the vehicle brakes harder if the backward switch is pressed.
  • The driving speed can be adjusted by turning the speed controller – also while driving.