Akku- Schubkarren

The working device for garden and construction sites.

The electric wheel barrow is the product of a long
development history. We are building these machines
already since two generations and

With its electric power the toil has an end.
The ‘Akku-Schubkarre’ is dirt and water resistant and
can be driven in any terrain. The battery capacity is enough
for all day work. It’s robust drive holds many many years –
some from the 90s are still driving around and the new
ones are better.
Maintenance is limited to chain lubrication, wheel-pressure control,
and battery charging.

Steep terrain, heavy load, stony paths, dirt and water – our electric wheel-barrow is used to it!

Akku Schubkarre

Technical data for the Akku-Schubkarre

Battery (accu): 2 x 12V / 15AH  lead-gel-battery (maintenance free, leak proof, deep cycle).
Charger: Electronic device for optimized charging.
Charging duration: Max. 6 hours.
Motor: 24V / 600W
Control Fully electronic, forwards and backwards variable in speed.
Power: 130kg at 25% gradient. 115Nm on the wheel.
Speed: The vehicle drives with the stepless adjustable speed uphill and downhill.
Brake: Due to the electric brake working in steep terrain is easy.
Axle load: Max. 150kg for safe driving.
Through: 100 or 140 liter, galvanized.
Front wheel: Robust with 4ply thickness and high profile.


Operation of the Akku-Schubkarren

The speed can be preset with the small adjusting wheel (even while driving).

With the rocker switch, the Akku-Schubkarre moves forwards or backwards as desired.