The Akku-Antrieb is a battery drive designed in a way
that it can be adapted to an existing construction. It is
suitable as a drive for various barrows and opens up
creative design options.
Due to the practical design with many elongated holes
it can be easily attached to other structures. And
no matter what it is … then it goes with the push of a button.

The batteries are of high quality and can be charged over
the charging socket by the charger, which is included in
the delivery.

The drive has a main switch with tightening key for safe

You can brake electrically when driving downhill. The
energy is charged back into the batteries.

The drive is available in two versions:

a. Simple control: rocker switch forwards = drive Rocker switch back = brake
b. The speed can be set with the small adjusting wheel
in any situation. The vehicle starts softly and drives uphill and downhill at the chosen speed.

Technical data for the Akku-Antrieb

Battery (accu): 2 x 12V / 15AH  lead-gel-battery (maintenance free, leak proof, deep cycle). If preferred also with double capacity (4 batteries).
Charger: Electronic device (no overcharging).
Charging duration: Max. 6 hours.
Motor: 24V / 750W (1000W max.).
Control: Fully electronic, forwards and backwards variable in speed. Height adjustable bar.
Power: 200kg at 25% gradient. 140Nm on the wheel.
Speed: The vehicle drives with the stepless adjustable speed uphill and downhill.
Brake: Because of the electronic brake the work in steep terrain is childs play.
Axle load: Max. 200kg for save driving.
Trough: 140 Liter, galvanized. Also tiltable trough-construction available.
Front wheel: Robust with 4ply thickness and high profile.
Rear wheels: with turning brake for parking.